Dear Readers,


When people talk about the large debt of the United States and predict the impending bankruptcy, they never mentioned the wealth side of the United States. In this book we will show you both sides of the coin. Finally, you will understand the meaning of the series title – “259 TRILLION VS. 5 TRILLION”! By understanding the difference between assets and money and thus throwing away preconception of gold as the best money out there as presented in Book 1 and by understanding what exactly is backing our money and how exactly fractional reserve banking works, plus how it has helped in speeding up technological and human advancement as illustrated in Book 2, you are now ready to tackle the USA “debt crisis” and other distortions of the overhyped economic jargons; the GDP, Inflation, Disappearance of the Middle Class, Gold Investment as well as other topics as we will finally answer all the 22 myths listed at the beginning of the series. We also included a special Personal Finance section where we will touch on renting versus buying, investing in oneself and retirement. This section is not a step-by-step guide to get rich but rather on how each of you can learn to be educated in making decisions based on your own situation. Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of this series. By finishing this series you would be looking forward to your life and not hunkering in a bunker somewhere, awaiting the doom and horrors predicted by these so called economists.

As usual, keep on learning and never give up.